Hi there! I consider myself a passionate UX Designer who has a pinch of the entrepreneurial spirit.

I wanted to build this website to help people find online UX resources and tools. My goal was to make learning about what I do easy and fun, so I hope you find this website to be exactly that!

COO @ Craftle

Hello wonderful people! I’m a UI / UX Designer with a vibrant background of fine arts, multimedia, and 3D. I believe multiple disciplines are a valuable aid to a designer’s mind - after all, design has no industry limits.

For me, I’m interested in creating joy, clarity, and efficiency. I strive for close client relations, and looking deep in the root of the obstacles we want to solve. I’m passionate about the entire lifecycle of a product, interface, or whatever else needs a touch of design magic!

Lydia Chamberlain
Madest Studio
UX Design Contractor @ Riot Games